USB and Analog Cameras


 Stand-alone  Cameras for professional applications

PHYTEC USB or analog cameras are designed for applications that require a ready-to-use camera head with standardized interface.

USB Cameras for Industrial Applications

The ultra compact USB-CAM cameras are easy to connect to any computer with USB port. The metal housing has mounting wholes on a four sides. Drivers for Windows are included. When using Linux the camera can be connected with the UVC interface. This way the camera can connect to a PHYTEC SOM via V4L2 when using Linux. 

Off-the-shelf Cameras

Analog TV cameras in combination with a Framegrabber or phyCAM Video Converter VM-008 can be used for large variety of applications. Cameras are easy to exchange, offer long signal cables and are therefore an idea drop-in replacement option for many security or medical applications.

VCAM-110-2 Analoge Kamera
Analoge Kamera

USB Kameras / Analoge Kameras