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IoT-Enablement-Kit 2

IoT Enablement комплект 2 состоит из различных датчиков, которые считываються и обрабатываються через Bluetooth Low Energy


IoT Enablement Kit 2 provides various sensors that read and process data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The kit contains:

  • a phyNODE®-Sensor 1 Carrier Board based on the Texas Instruments’ CC2650 chip and offering seven sensors. An included BLE USB Stick enables direct communication with the phyNODE. The kit is designed to read sensor data via a smart phone or a BLE USB stick from sensors such as magnetometers, thermometers or barometers. 
  • a phyWAVE-CC2650 RF module, solder-connected to the phyNODE, running open source TI-RTOS; and
  • a Texas Instruments XDS Debugger.

Included sample code demonstrates data collection and reading of sensor data to iOS or Android devices.  These demos can be readily incorporated into end user applications and projects. 


See here for the IoT-Enablement-Kit 2 Download » section.